Dear Online Diary

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A diary can be a young girl’s best friend, a place to list her utmost secret thoughts and desires. She can store all of her personal information there and know it will be safe from others. The thought of a diary being the place to store personal information as an adult seems unsafe and, frankly, can’t possibly hold all we have to protect.

While using our computers daily for personal and business tasks, it just makes sense to store personal information there. The only problem is when we are away from our trusty PC (the non-laptop version) and don’t have access to this information, we are totally out of the loop. If only there was a place that could be accessed from anywhere at anytime, where we can store files and information. Well the wait is over.

According to Reuters, Google has mistakenly released information on a new service that would store your data online. No release date has been set yet; Google is apparently still working out all the kinks with broadband barriers, trying to cope with the massive amounts of data the service will house. According to Google’s notes, the online data storage would allow you to “house all user files, including: emails, web history, pictures, bookmarks, etc and make it accessible from anywhere (any device, any platform, etc)”.

Amazon has already released their version of the online diary to the public – Amazon S3. The service is offered for a mere $0.15 per GB per Month of storage used. An unlimited amount can be stored on their system and you only pay for what is used. One of the features that seems to be especially useful is being able to allow multiple user access to stored information. Amazon also uses S3 internally and voices its reliability as well as its speed and simplicity to use.

Could these programs be the answer to all our worries or just another place that could be hacked into, with our privacy revealed to the entire world? Adding simplicity to our daily lives would be much welcomed but what are we willing to risk for it? While visiting an online diary service’s website, I noticed a definite lack of guaranteed privacy. In fact, the site’s privacy policy went as far as announcing that if something bad were to happen they might not have everything stored. I hope Google is taking its time to put into place the necessary precautions – for the sake of keeping my secrets secure.

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