Personalize Your Approach through Engagement Marketing

Marketing strategies have shifted throughout the years, from appealing to the masses to drilling down niche target audiences. Today, effective marketing is about delivering personalized and timely messages to prospects and customers – in other words, customer engagement marketing. Yet, most of today’s big brands are still talking to all of their prospects in the same way, with the same single message. And that’s why they’re missing the mark.

All of your customers and prospects are not created equal. Some are in the beginning of the sales funnel, while others may be closer to converting. By segmenting your network and personalizing your content, you will see a much higher conversion rate than a blanketed marketing approach will get you.

How to build an engagement marketing strategy

Here are five tips on how to effectively transition your efforts to focus on customer engagement marketing:

#1: Get personal

To convert a single sale into a valuable, loyal, long-time customer, it’s best to create message streams that are tied to very specific buyer personas. This helps to evoke an emotional response that drives the prospect to take action. If an advertisement tugs at a prospect’s heartstrings, it connects them to your brand. Engage your customers’ senses so they are more likely to buy your products time and time again.

#2: Know what your buyers want

By understanding the issues that drive different buyer behavior, you can deliver specific messages, images and calls-to-action that yield the highest returns for that buyer. To understand what your buyers want, look at their behaviors instead of just their demographics. How are they interacting with your brand? What topics or products are they engaging with?

#3: Take a multi-channel approach

Consumers expect to be marketed to everywhere they turn. Customer engagement marketing means delivering relevant, personalized and timely customer interactions across all channels. The goal is to create one-to-one customer experiences at every touch-point.

#4: Use data to advance personalization

Develop buyer personas and messages with internal and external data analytics, using both behavioral data with traditional demographics to much more closely define “who you are.” You are not just married. You’re married with a child of a certain age, you live in a city, and have specific purchasing and online behaviors. Use every piece of the data to help determine who your audiences truly are.

#5: Build loyalty with one-to-one conversations

With customer engagement marketing, personalized marketing techniques are used to maximize results, and enable you to turn a stranger into a long-term, loyal customer. Personalization helps your messages rise above the clutter of the hundreds of communications that people receive every day. Customer engagement marketing is just that – the process of personalized marketing.

From defining buyer personas to developing full engagement marketing strategies, the world of the marketer will only become more personalized. With our passion for building relationships, we can help you build yours. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.