Dual Approach to Digital Advertising

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These days, increasing and optimizing a company’s online presence isn’t just about sticking with what worked in the past and hoping it stays the same.

Search is changing into a multi-headed beast capable of performing many tasks and accomplishing many goals at once. The dependence on strictly organic SEO to get your website seen by the most qualified or the most amount of searchers just won’t cut it any longer. Social is becoming a huge part of not only ranking well within the engines, but developing a positive and effective online presence as well as cultivating and managing a positive online reputation.

But it’s paid search that can most affect beginning SEO efforts.

The advantages of running a PPC campaign simultaneously with a natural project vary greatly, and each brings a unique opportunity to the table of online advertising:

Immediate ROI – SEO is like a garden; you plant the seeds, weed the soil, water the whole thing and over weeks and months all of your hard work and labor put into laying the foundation of the garden pays off. Success may not be immediately reaped. PPC, on the other hand, is like waiting tables; sure you have to give up some extra time (your starting budget) and do some work (testing, writing ad copy, etc.) but at the end of the shift (day or campaign) you get to go home with a nice chunk of change in your pocket (that is, if you don’t forget someone’s food or spill wine all over some old lady). SEO lays the groundwork for a successful long term investment, allowing you to reap what you sow many times over. PPC lets you test the waters and find immediate returns on the investments you make.

Stay on Target – Paid advertising is customizable in many different ways, one of which is getting down to the nitty gritty on exactly who it is you want to target. You gain the ability to generate instant brand awareness within whatever demographic your business is after, meanwhile your SEO efforts for that demographic are being indexed and picked up by the engines. So as searchers become more familiar with your name, the more they will want to return to a trusted source when your site is returned in the organic results.

Buy Local – More and more consumers are turning to local goods and service providers to help their community’s economy. PPC allows you the option to pick a region and find the most qualified leads for that particular region. And as time goes on, more businesses are looking to localize natural search results to rank better within engines, such as Google, that automatically give local results ahead of others.

These are just a few advantages that can come with taming the many-headed beast that is digital advertising. By joining the efforts of SEO and PPC you have a combination of services that can be successful now and down the road.

What are some of the advantages you’ve experienced with combining PPC and SEO efforts?

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