Dynamic 800#s Should Be Your Next Wedding Date

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Summer is here and that means you’ll probably be getting at least one wedding invitation in the mail before Labor Day, if you haven’t already. During my most recent bridesmaid experience, the bride and groom covered their bases by following most wedding traditions. One tradition being the exchange of bride & groom gifts on the wedding day. One member from each side of the bridal party delivers the gifts to the soon-to-be married couple. The groom gave the bride a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, and the bride gave the groom a handsome watch.

In PPC, covering all your bases is important. Would you spend more than $3,000 online for a piece of jewelry? Maybe, maybe not. But knowing your business, and more importantly, knowing how your users buy, is how you will get your bases covered.

Let’s say you want to buy that perfect gift for your significant other – let’s use the above example of diamond earrings or a luxury watch. You click on a sponsored link in a search engine and suddenly see a web site with hundreds of different jewelry pieces that would be perfect for your honey, but you feel a little uneasy about making a large purchase online, and would feel more comfortable buying over the phone.

If the user clicks on your ad, picks-up the phone and calls your service center to make a purchase, there is no way to track that sale unless dynamic 800 numbers are implemented. By implementing dynamic 800 numbers on your web site, you can track that purchase back to your PPC campaign.

Dynamic 800 numbers usually work like this, if a user clicks on your ad, a special 1-800 number will be placed exactly where your normal 1-800 number is, except it will only show up if someone clicks on your paid ad. Your call center or sales department must then make a note when that dynamic 800 number calls.

Dynamic 800 numbers work well for any business, but especially if you are a high-end B2C company. B2B companies get large, expensive orders all the time; consumers tend to be a little different.

So this summer, hit the beach, sip a mai tai, go to your cousin’s wedding, and think about how you can cover your PPC bases with dynamic 800 numbers.

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