eBay Takes Online Auctions Mobile

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It seems that there are more features, services, websites and applications available on mobile devices every month. With the rapid advances being made in this market, I guess it was only a matter of time before eBay joined the crowd.

Your typical eBay users are a vigilant group. It was probably inevitable that they would demand the ability to manage their bids on the go.

Anticipating this need, VeriSign and eBay announced an agreement that will allow eBayers to use VeriSign’s Intelligent Messaging Network (VIMN) to receive mobile short message service (SMS) alerts, similar to a typical text message, containing important auction information.

These messages will notify a user, actively bidding on an eBay auction, if they are either out-bid on an item or if an auction is nearing the end.

Dedicated users will now be able to take eBay with them wherever they go and be able to manage their bids from any location.

Best of all, they will also have the ability to adjust their bids and receive top-bid notifications all from the convenience of their cell phone.

Just imagine the heartache that will now be avoided. I pity the fool that loses those gold chains originally owned, and worn, by Mr. T to someone bidding $1 more simply because they were out grocery shopping or picking the kids up from daycare.

Thanks to VeriSign and eBay this nightmare will never need to occur.

VeriSign’s VIMN service will eventually be available across all major domestic wireless networks in the United States and interested eBay enthusiasts can learn more at eBay.

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