Entrepreneurs Turning to SEO

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Starting your own business, as well as growing and maintaining its success is difficult enough. Throw in a global economic downturn and the task becomes a whole lot tougher. So how have entrepreneurs been dealing with the current economic climate?

A survey detailed in a recent article from Entrepreneur.com shows many of them are turning to SEO.

The article shows that 76% of entrepreneurs surveyed said they are now relying more on online marketing efforts. Almost half of this 76% said they have either recently upgraded their website or increased SEO efforts.

This new focus by entrepreneurs on the benefits of online marketing is not at all surprising. In this day and age, marketing online is a must for any business, especially if we’re talking about an entrepreneur with a single location. If they want to draw more visitors into their brick and mortar location, the first step to getting into the local space is as easy as claiming and optimizing local search listings for their business in the major engines. The importance of these listings are especially true in Google since their local results have taken much more prominence in the last few months.

If an entrepreneur is looking to expand into the e-commerce arena, investing in SEO is an easy decision. Taking steps to ensure their business’s site is as optimized as possible is incredibly important, whether building a site from the ground up or redesigning like those in the survey.

The great thing for entrepreneurs about internet marketing is that in the online space, every business is on a level playing field. (There are exceptions regarding the larger brands, but you get what I mean.) Any business has the chance to reach both local and world-wide audiences through search. It appears entrepreneurs are well aware of this idea, as well as the help SEO can provide for reaching those audiences.

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