Face(book) It: It’s Not Just a Social Network Anymore

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With goblins and witches tucked away for the season, this year’s Halloween costumes were not limited to the traditional politicians, scary characters or villains. Walking into work on Friday, October 30, I encountered Adam, a fellow coworker whose costume was a whiteboard poster that matched his Facebook profile. It had a side view cutout window that allowed him to peer through with a grin and wink.

After periods of laughter and side aches, I was accepted as his friend. Though his costume didn’t cause me to scream and run for my life, it did cause me to wonder if Adam was just a freak of nature or if others had the same idea this Halloween season. What I found out was quite interesting.

My research dug up examples plus 50 tips on how to make the best Facebook costume this season. From the simple whiteboard cutout to a more creative boxed cutout costume for both your face and arms, they run the gamut. This led me to think about how social networks are impacting other facets of our lives, including holidays!

As one who has a hand in the hiring process, I recently found out that Facebook now has a function available to its business groups/members known as Facebook Ad Targeting. This allows groups to target an audience by specific keywords such as location, education and skills, just to name a few. And since Facebook is the most-trafficked social media site in the world, and the fact that their fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older, you can see its power and influence on the recruiting front.

Now back to Halloween, or in my case, back to my birthday. Don’t assume that Facebook was the leader in creative costumes this year: iPhone was their competition. The 2009 Best Apple iPhone Costume was awarded the best novelty outfits ever; take a peek at the video and you be the judge.

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