Facebook has Rolled out New Business Page Layouts—Have You Made the Switch?

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Four months ago Facebook somewhat quietly announced they would be making changes to Facebook Business Page layouts. Well, the time has finally come. The updated design is available for all! If you haven’t already hopped on board and switched your account to the new layout, you will soon.

Don’t lament It! Change is good. And, for once, we won’t have to completely redesign our cover photos or change half our content in order to fit into this new layout!

Actually, as far as changes go, this one doesn’t leave too much room for complaint.


Here are some highlights of the new design:

Single column for posts

Posts will now be in the right column. Users won’t have to read from right to left to view posts.

Business info moved to left-side column

Information including maps, hours of operation, number of followers, website URL, and content information have been moved to the left-hand column next to the timeline.

Key admin tools in full view

You will now be able to see how many ads you are running, new likes, unread notices and messages you have gained in the last week with a new panel on the left that follows you as you scroll down the page.

Apps de-emphasized

Thumbnail Apps (aka Tabs) have been moved and de-emphasized. They can now be found under the business info in the left-hand column. Instead of having four thumbnails, only two will be displayed. However, like before, you will be able to arrange them in any order.

Pages to watch

Available under the Insights section, admins will now be able to “watch” and compare the performance of similar pages. Yes, this means that it is easier than ever to spy on the competition. And, no—according to Facebook, they won’t know who is watching, just that someone is.


Here’s the lowlight:

Text over image + gradient overlay

The moment Twitter finally and thankfully got rid of “the horror” (AKA: The forced gradient with a white text overlay that has given design-minded individuals across the globe migraine headaches), Facebook decides to implement it. Although, we do have to give them some kudos: at least they didn’t put it smack-dab in the middle of your header image. So, there is that.

Have you already updated your Facebook Page? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or—you know—like us on Facebook!

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