Link Round Up: The Sauza Lifeguard

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It’s Friday. It’s almost Cinco de Mayo. The sun is shining, birds are in the air, bikers and joggers are enjoying another beautiful day in Northern Michigan.  Yada yada yada. It’s a good day. But you know what makes it better? Tequila.

Sauza’s killing it lately with its “Make It With a Lifeguard” campaign. The ladies in the office are all aflutter over this guy and you know what? I am, too. So without further delay, we bring you our top five favorite moments (so far) from the Sauza Lifeguard digital strategy:

5. Shower Sauzaritas. I’m partial to the occasional alcoholic beverage in the shower. Shower beer is a staple of mine, especially after a great day. I’ve heard talk of shower wine (but, to be honest, the prospect of stemware in the shower kind of freaks me out). Sauza Lifeguard prefers a shower Sauzarita, and I’m strangely on board with this. It’s got to be that wet hair. Or maybe those abs.

4. Sauza Lifeguard’s Life Advice. I never realized how much you can learn just by being out in the sun. Like taking awesome care of your body. In this way, Sauza Lifeguard is ready to take awesome care of any lady who deserves awesome care— which, coincidentally, is every lady. Thanks to the Sauza Lifeguard, I now know I need to spend more time in the sun taking awesome care of my body. Or just making sure Sauza Lifeguard takes awesome care of his body. I don’t know. I’m little confused, and I feel compelled to say, “Thanks, Sauza Lifeguard. “

3. 16 Puppies Ready for Cinco de Mayo. Here we have sponsored content from Sauza. It’s 16 pictures of puppies so cute you’ll want to die. No, none feature the Sauza Lifeguard, but (for the purpose of full disclosure) I kind of had to walk away from my desk for a moment. You know, because of the hot flashes. But don’t fret, there’s a Sauza Lifeguard video at the bottom of the list. You’re welcome, readers.

2. Sauza Tequila Recipes. Did you know the Sauza Lifeguard can teach you some delicious ways to enjoy Sauza tequila? I didn’t either—it took me about three or four views before I realized that there’s actually legitimate drink information here. Who knew?

And our (or, at least, my) number 1, favorite moment of the week is:

1. The Sauza Lifeguard Loves You. This is 42 seconds of the Sauza Lifeguard showering down to smooth jazz and looking dreamily into the camera saying, “I love you.” I love you, too, Sauza Lifeguard. What are you doing after work? I get off at 5:00 PM. We should hook up. Make some drinks. Pet some puppies…maybe do a little crunches and some light ab work…

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