Fun Friday: Guy Walks Across America, Newport Rap, Basil, And Jane Austen’s Fight Club

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Hello Oneupweb Review fans! It’s been an exciting week for video. YouTube increased its video limit to 15 minutes, and some very entertaining viral videos were created along the way. As always, you can count on us here at Oneupweb to keep you informed of the most viral/entertaining videos each week in our Fun Friday Review. Let the journey begin!

Guy Walks Across America:

Speaking of journey (Don’t stop believing! Oops, wrong Journey.), the creators of this next video took a very long journey across America, and the result is quite impressive. Now I know that no one would want to watch a video of some guy walking across America in real-time (I have a feeling a video like that would exceed even YouTube’s newly extended 15 minute limit). But never fear! These creative folks applied some nice stop-motion and time-lapse video to create a short-attention-span-friendly video for the rest of us.

Look behind the scenes of this epic video by clicking Behind the Scenes of Guy Walks Across America.

Best Celebration Ever In Football:
Everyone loves a good celebration dance; unless you’re on the opposite team, of course. But we have to give it to this team. This is a new one!

Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind):
Comparing Newport (located in the United Kingdom) with New York, as this song creator alludes to, is like comparing Apples to Tangerines. But the extreme differences didn’t stop this professional rapper from creating the massively viral music video you’re about to see.

Basil Marceaux—The Next Governor of Tennessee:
There are some things that you don’t have to speculate about, and in this case, there’s no doubt that Basil Marceaux is the next governor of Tennessee. I had our team of experts look at Basil Marceaux’s website, and for the first time in Oneupweb history, we realized that we really just couldn’t make it any more perfect than it already was.

All kidding aside, Basil’s offer to “IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” if you vote for him is a tempting offer, you have to admit.

Jane Austen’s Fight Club:

Two things at the opposite ends of the spectrum: movies I love, and books my wife reads. I suppose that if you meshed the two together, you would have something similar to this.

Oneupweb Reviews: Thumbs Up!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos. Make sure and let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below. And please be sure to let me know if there are any I missed this week that you think are worthy of a Fun Friday Review.

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