The Future of Social Media is Already on the Move

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It’s been a long time since you first encountered social media. Remember the first time you discovered YouTube and didn’t work for a week straight? Or when you heard about MySpace and created your own profile? Then along came Facebook, a more scholastic social network, and finally you found yourself up in the Twittersphere.

Ahh the memories.

It’s always interesting to look back and reminisce on how things started and how they’ve changed. Take what has been dubbed (by me) as the greatest YouTube video of all time.

Takes you back doesn’t it? From The Evolution Of Dance, to the Laughing Baby, and even Charlie Bit My Finger. In case you couldn’t tell this is a compilation of the most popular videos on YouTube. But YouTube is used for more than just laughs. We have seen businesses use social media for some time now and one could say it is becoming a mainstream practice.

So where is social media heading in the future? From what I have seen, the future of social media is mobility. One of the reasons I believe Twitter to be so popular is that it’s like blogging in between blogging. Before Twitter you blogged and left your computer and went about your day. Now you can tweet/micro-blog at work, in the bathroom, in your car (preferably while it’s not moving), etc. Just look at the popularity of the iPhone and mobile applications that allow access to social media from just about anywhere.

Eric Eldon with Inside Facebook says, “We’ve been tracking the growth of Facebook’s own mobile web app: It has grown from seven million monthly active users three months ago to 12.3 million monthly actives today.”

Heck, most of this week I tucked myself into bed while watching YouTube videos on my phone. As a business you need to leverage these mobile opportunities: create apps, make sure your site is mobile friendly, and create a presence for your business on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These are all great ways to take advantage of the growth that we are seeing from social media.

What other ways are you and your business preparing for the mobile future?

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