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The passion to give back to the community has always been a driving motive in the Oneupweb atmosphere. Through a connection made possible by one of our amazing clients Leadstar, which is an experienced leadership development firm, Oneupweb was given the opportunity to sponsor Battle of the Books. We donated our time and expertise to build a website supporting the event.

Battle of the Books is a creative and motivating event for children in the Grand Traverse area to compete with reading teams in quiz competitions that cover the 10 competition books. The competition spread like wildfire and soon 135 fourth and fifth graders from the area entered into the exciting competition. The final prize consist of an epic tour of Grand Traverse including a limo ride, and most importantly chocolate chip pancakes. If only they allowed adults to enter the competition.

Oneupweb was thrilled with the aspect of giving back, especially in the local community realm. The donation of creating the website contributed to Battle of the Books which helped foster the supply of books, t-shirts, tote bags (10 books can get heavy), and allowed the participants to have a free entry. The donations gave the children the possibility to enhance their literary knowledge, expand their creativity, and introduce multiple diverse cultures through the selected books.

battle of the books

The feedback of the event was extremely positive and shed a progressive light on the importance of the expansion of a child literacy. Parents commented on the fun competitive nature, the significance of learning teamwork, and the niche the competition allowed the children to discover.

Combining creativity and competition? Maybe my mother could have gotten me to finish a book instead of annoy my brothers.

battle of the books

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