Going Home (Page) For The Holidays?

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So you have the clicks, but do you give them what they want?

A great paid search campaign can only get you so as far, what’s important is what a user finds once they pull back the curtain.

Whether you’re managing your own PPC strategy or have a SEM vendor managing things for you, it’s important that just as much attention is paid to your landing pages as to the campaign itself. You’ve already won half the battle when your ad appears after a search and it’s so compelling that the searcher clicks, but then what? Regardless of whether you’re using a custom landing page or another page on your site, it’s important the searcher finds what they are looking for.

Don’t fall into the trap of sending all your ads to your home page. You’re not going to get people to throw a few additional products into the cart if they’re looking for one specific item. More likely the searcher will get frustrated and click back… right out of your site!

A more effective PPC strategy to take is to point each ad to the appropriate landing page on your site. If a ‘giant light up Santa Claus yard ornament’ is what they want, don’t send them to the general holiday decoration page. Give the searcher what they searched for and what they expect.

Simply getting a good click through rate does not seal the deal, because making the conversion is the hardest part. Don’t be blown away by your competition this holiday season by wasting searchers’ time. There’s a reason why people do their holiday shopping on the internet!

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