Google Customer Reviews

Google Trusted Stores Goes Extinct

Google has recently replaced Google Trusted Stores with Google Customer Reviews and you may not have even notice. There hasn’t been much talk of this over the past few months, but we think it will be a benefit for the advertiser and retailer.

Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores was a program that Google developed to help shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web. Merchants had to meet certain shipping and customer service performance metrics to participate in the program. Successful merchants were then able to display the GTS badge on their site. This gave consumers purchase protection up to $1,000 in lifetime claims.

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews is a free program that allows a business to collect feedback or reviews from customers who have made purchases on their site. With Google Customer Reviews, you’ll still be able to collect valuable customer reviews and qualify for seller ratings that show on your search ads and Google Shopping. Additional benefits include:

  • More ways to customize the Google badge and opt-in on your site
    • An offer that appears to all customers after checkout. Users who opt-in may receive an email from Google Customer Reviews asking them to rate their experience with your store.
    • A badge on your site that helps users easily identifies your site with the Google brand. The badge displays the seller rating score of 1-5 stars and can be placed on any page on your site.
  • Account management in Google Merchant Center (the same platform you can use to manage your Google Shopping feeds)
  • Review Surveys
    • The survey is an optional, brief questionnaire that enables customers to rate their purchase experiences with your site.
  • New insights into your seller ratings
    • An aggregate score that appears on search ads and Google Shopping, as well on Google Customer Reviews badges.

Product ratings refer to the product being advertised, while Seller ratings refer specifically to the merchant advertising the product.


What do I need to do?

You aren’t required to do anything!  Google has made it exceptionally easy and will take care of the account migration for you. The information from your current Trusted Stores account will be migrated to your Merchant Center account. You should receive an email with this notification but it you don’t, please reach out and contact your AdWords account rep.

Who Benefits?

This change will benefit both the seller and advertiser.  For shoppers, reviews inform people of the quality of service they can come to expect from a business they are interested in purchasing from – which can go a long way in influencing customers who may be on the fence. For advertisers, reviews help improve click-through-rates, decrease cost-per-clicks, assist in boosting conversion rates, and otherwise strengthen credibility with the consumer.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about this transition or questions about reviews & ratings.