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Earlier this month Google released an updated version of its campaign management tool, AdWords Editor. Version 6.0 brings a number of new features that make managing AdWords campaigns easier and more efficient. Below I’ve outlined some of the most notable changes contained in the new release.

Account Statistics

1. Export statistics to a CSV file:

Users are now able to export account statistics directly to a CSV file within AdWords Editor. In the past, performance statistics exports were only possible within the report center in the AdWords web interface.

2. Update minimum CPC bids:

Earlier versions of AE were only able to download updated minimum CPC bid information by deleting and then re-downloading the entire account. Google has added the ability to download account changes including minimum bid information with one click. This is very useful to quickly find keywords that may have gone inactive due to an increase in minimum CPC.

Editing Tools

1. Spell checking:

Users can now spell check keyword and ad text fields within AdWords Editor. Misspelled words will be underlined in red and right-clicking them will present suggested spellings. Currently spell checking is available for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Dutch.

2. Append text:

The ability to append text to the beginning or end of selected items such as ad copy, keywords and even display or destination URLs is probably my favorite new feature in version 6.0. Generating multiple keyword variations from a core set of terms is very useful and saves a lot of time since the user doesn’t have to manually add a modifier into each keyword.

Improved Duplicate Keyword Finder

1. New sorting options:

Users can now sort results produced by the duplicate keyword finder by various criteria such as max CPC, min CPC, CTR, impressions, average position and even capitalization. These new sorting options make it easier than ever to keep an AdWords campaign free of the occasional duplicate keyword.

In Summary

In the past we’ve been known to point out some areas where we think Google comes up a bit short, but it’s nice to see them continue development on this tool. In fact, they continue to lead the way when it comes to innovations in the technology of the online ad-space.

While the new features of AdWords Editor 6.0 are a welcomed refresh to an already solid application there is still room for additional improvements. I am hoping that future versions will add support for some of the more advanced location targeting options such as defining a radius around a central map location. If this kind of local targeting setting is currently enabled and the user tries to make adjustments within AdWords Editor you are presented with a notice stating that the options are not supported. I would imagine it is only a matter of time before a new version is released with added support for features that are currently only accessible through the AdWords web interface.

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