Google, Apple & Disney. Oh My!

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I love synergy. The thought of multiple, independent objects or forces coming together to create something greater than their sum is truly an amazing phenomena.

On my daily run, (okay, perhaps “daily” isn’t the right word) my weary legs propel me down the road at about 7 miles per hour. Those same legs, when clipped to my recumbent bicycle send me zooming along at 25-28 miles per hour with the greatest of ease. Synergy.

When two things work together, be they simply man and bicycle or some of the largest media/technology corporations in the world, the results can be extraordinary – which is not to say good or bad, just extraordinary.

The recent election of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, to the board of directors of Apple Computer Inc. creates another tie between the two companies. Arthur D. Levinson, Ph.D. has served as a director on both companies’ boards for a number of years.

The potential created by the newly strengthened relationship between a technology-focused company (Apple) and a content-focused company (Google) is as big as it gets in a world where content drives the technology that serves it.

Technology pundits are forecasting an eventual end of the paid music download model, and heralding Schmidt’s new post as an iTunes reliant Apple Inc. reaching for some new shtick. Or that the whole thing might be some scheme to show PPC ads to iTunes users.

Prognostications such as those fall short of realizing what such board-room relationships really can signify. Likewise, the term “synergy” seems like an understatement when trying to consider the far reaching effects alliances like these can have.

This is bigger than internet search, and definitely bigger than iPods.

Google, with its immense market share, and unequalled ability to organize and deliver content to internet users compliments handily Apple’s reaches into the world of music, and video delivery technology. Throw into the mix Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, and member of The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors and right before your eyes the future of online content and media delivery is being penned.

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