Got a SSL Certificate? Show Me!

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So you want me to buy something? Well, I’m already in the door and browsing down the aisles of your online store. You have some interesting products that are easy to find and your page design looks professional enough. And.. hello, what’s this? Oh, I gotta have one of these. You even have the right color and size in stock, and if I buy now I get free shipping. How can I leave without it? Actually, I don’t even care what it costs. It’s perfect!

Now all I have to do is give you my name, address, and credit card info. Hey, wait a minute! How do I know this page is secure? My Status Bar is hidden (if I even know what a Status Bar is) so I don’t see the little padlock icon that pops up a window with your site’s SSL Certificate information.

Aside from the URL changing from HTTP to HTTPS (which I am completely unaware of) there is nothing on this page that makes me feel secure about your payment processing.

Oh well. I’m sure (my current search engine of choice) will help me find one just like it somewhere else. Somewhere that I feel secure.

If you’re lucky, I bookmark your site, just in case.

This little exercise was designed to show just how easy it is to lose an online shopper because you don’t showcase your site’s digital SSL certificate.

Shoppers like to feel secure. I don’t even like getting handed a sales receipt with my entire credit card number printed out. Give me a long row of xxxx‘s in front of the final 4 digits and I’m happy. Making me feel secure is that easy. And it’s the same with your website.

Handing your online shoppers proof that your store is secure is simple. If you already have a SSL Certificate (and you better), chances are your provider offers graphical proof of your secure payment processing.

SSL encryption providers such as Digicert tout the importance of displaying their Secure Site Seal which “allows customers to check your identity, and Confirm Your Integrity“.

As an online shopper, confirming your online retail integrity is important to me. If I trust you, I’ll come back for more.

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