Haunted By A Super Bowl Ad

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Yes, I admit it. I watch the Super Bowl for the ads. This year’s crop of Madison Avenue’s best was disappointing. Blame Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, corporate re-shuffling of marketing budgets or just plain lack of creativity. Most of the ads during the big game were truly forgettable. But there was one ad that scared me to death. I was stopped in mid nacho-crunching bite by an initially unassuming ad for the new ESPN mobile phone. “We got our sports scores the old fashioned way”, the gray haired gentleman uttered, “on the internet.”

The internet “old fashioned?” I’m an early-adopter – being one of the first in line to embrace the internet. ESPN calling the internet, the greatest gift Al Gore ever gave the nation, old-fashioned? Has that much time passed? It seems like just yesterday that Casey Cowell, co-founder of the innovative U.S. Robotics, was knocking on the doors of nearby Torch Lake, MI cottage owners to raise money for his new fangled invention called the modem.

The internet “old fashioned?” This earth shattering concept occupied my mind during the entire halftime show. (One could argue that was old-fashioned as well. Mick’s comment that they could have played at Super Bowl I adds credence to that argument.)

The internet “old fashioned?” Don’t you believe it for a minute! After downing a second helping of Swedish meatballs to clear my head, it hit me. The internet is alive and well but how we access the bounty of information and entertainment available on the net is evolving. I breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed a helping of shrimp cocktail. The internet is as fresh, interesting and vital as ever. It’s just going mobile. The next question is: How will you take advantage of the new mobile internet? If you’re involved in search engine marketing, and I suspect you are, Oneupweb can help. Check out our Paid Media Services.

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