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Skip the hot tub, but hop into our time machine, to set the stage for this post we need to take you wayyyy back, all the way back to 11th grade. Between after-school activities and acne breakouts you found time to take the ACT or SAT and apply to one, a couple or many colleges and universities.

Do you remember how you decided which school(s) to apply to? 

The answer to the question posed above is going to vary greatly depending on factors like your age, socioeconomic status, proximity to major metropolitan areas, etc., but what will be consistent is exposure. At some point prior to applying to your alma mater, you were exposed repeatedly to your school of choice.

Exposure comes in many forms. From celebrity alumni and familial ties to college visit programs, social ads and direct mail – repeated, positive exposure to a school from different channels impacts the likelihood of an enrollment. So, to increase enrollments, we need to increase exposure.

Increasing School Exposure Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of creating content that is not explicitly sales driven, but that promotes interest in an associated product or service. This content increases the brand’s exposure to individuals who are likely to be interested in their services.

Content marketing is driven by strategy. Using SEO best practices, keyword optimization, trend research and more, colleges and universities may increase their exposure to potential students. Through content mapping, competitor analysis and investment in high-quality and intentional content, colleges and universities can leverage their exposure to increase enrollment.

Here are some higher education content marketing ideas:

  • A video showing prospective students a walkthrough of a dorm.
  • A checklist of all the dorm essentials.
  • Start a hashtag on Instagram and encourage user-generated content to feature current students.

Why Invest in Content Marketing for Your School?

Through our experience working with higher education organizations, we know that colleges and universities that engage in SEO and content marketing efforts benefit from:

  1. Increased exposure to potential students
  2. A closer match between potential students and the university
  3. Higher conversion (application and enrollment) rates
  4. A positive ROI

At Oneupweb, our content marketing strategies are rooted in organic SEO best practices. This means that these efforts are not contingent solely upon the performance of a paid ad, but by their performance in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). We look to these pieces of content to position on the first page of search results for relevant queries, limiting costs outside of those associated with creating the content.

Working closely with stakeholders, we create content that serves the needs of ideal consumers (students). When this content is served to potential students, they are exposed to the brand. Repeat exposure to content that serves your users builds trust, name recognition and ultimately, positive brand sentiment.

Higher Education Content Marketing Strategies – What You Need to Know

Wondering how content marketing can work for your institution? Nonprofit or for-profit; small or large; college trade school or university; single department or whole school – content marketing can and will work for you if you:

  • Write. Write often. Write well and write with strategy in mind.
  • Amplify your message. Work with high-profile graduates, alumni networks, teachers and professors and current and former students to amplify the content you produce on their networks.
  • Employ SEO, content marketing, website development, design and accessibility best practices.
  • Promote your content across multiple channels including paid digital ads, printed ads and social media.

The Complete Picture of Higher Education Marketing

There are many factors that will contribute to the success of your content marketing strategy, including overall brand sentiment, ROI and more. Does your college or university need help developing a content marketing strategy or leveraging SEO tactics? Reach out to us and we’re happy to tackle your higher education marketing challenges.

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