Hopping Off the Treadmill

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Over the years I’ve helped pioneer our industry, observed the near implosion of the internet, worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes, watched search marketing become commoditized and recently become keenly aware of what it takes to effectively — really effectively — market businesses online today. No, not one of those little realizations — but a poignant, feel it in the gut, epiphany. The kind where the heavens part, rays of sunshine mark a clear path and angels sing. I love these moments and tend to relish in them a bit since they’re few and far between.

So what is this earth shattering discovery? It’s basic — and sometimes in our world, basic gets lost. For years at Oneupweb, we’ve preached marketing integration. And during this time, we’ve helped many businesses make it happen. It leads to a much more effective presence, resulting in a pleasing bottom line. But the difference between integration and truly making everything hum as one can start to look, well, simply like more marketing lip-service and the vision gets lost.

Here’s the deal: everyone, globally, is feeling the pinch. And everyone is working desperately to weather the storm. But a change in perspective is what’s really needed. Those ideas that you thought were stupid last year — you better be dusting them off and looking at them through a different set of lenses. If you think you know how to market your business — perform a gut check. Those little nagging doubts and unsure direction you have — lay them on the table — shine a light on them and open yourself to some help. Real help and input.

Online marketing has changed forever. Consumers (that’s all of us) have permanently changed their buying behavior. They will never be quite the same even after our economy recovers. They have different concerns and expectations, so business as usual won’t work for you. Why continue with it? So here’s the epiphany — as basic as it is — you have to do whatever it takes (within the bounds of the law).

Let that simmer a while.

Strategies or tactics you have shied away from in the past, look at them. Time alone can change the situation, let alone your financial circumstance.

Here’s my advice to any marketer that cared enough to read this far. Don’t be afraid. Breathe. Recharge. Rethink. Explore. Let your guard down. Dust off old ideas and explore new ones. Find budget — even if it’s small — to test them. And don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need help if you’re not sure what you’re doing. You don’t have time to throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. The money you spend bringing on a good partner with the vision will help you earn more money, faster. This is a time for a clear plan and decisive action — and out-of-the ordinary partners that can make everything you do hum as one.

Now get going!

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