Beyond the Minute: How to Market a Boring Business

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The best marketing campaigns are engaging and provide value to the user. This is true across all markets and all industries. Even when your business feels “boring,” you can still accomplish your marketing goals and make sure your content comes across as vibrant and informative.

Boring Businesses Can Make a Lot of Money with Creative Marketing

The key to delivering interesting content to your users is understanding what they find interesting. What’s really boring for any user, in an exciting industry or one less-so, is when businesses don’t take the time to find out what exactly their audience wants to learn about.

There is a lot that’s fun about digital marketing but every now and again, we need to deliver super technical content like in-depth white papers, massive reports and more. It’s all about how you present the information that makes it interesting.

Take a minute to think about a huge trend in your industry. What value can you provide to a user who needs to be armed with information about the trend? Go ahead, publish that massive white paper! Take the time to release a report no one else will because it’s too “boring”. But use the following tips to ensure that your client base, your customers and your users will find it interesting and valuable.

Make Your Technical Content Sing with Visuals

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to technical jargon, it’s true! Research shows that graphics and images in white papers help enhance the reader’s understanding of the content.

Breaking up your technical content with images, graphics, and even a little white space is a great way to present your content in a more interesting fashion.

And, of course, a visual doesn’t just have to be images or graphics. Peppering in videos, cinemagraphs, gifs and other interactive content can make your technical information come alive.

You can paint a picture with words, too. Let’s use the example from this week’s Monday Marketing Minute on the same topic: If you manufacture ultra-high vacuum aluminum foils, how many reams do you produce a year? Can the surface area cover the state of Ohio? Can the length reach to the moon and back? Stats stand out better when you give the reader something to visualize.

Presenting your information in a visual way is key to keeping things interesting and helping the user understand your message.

Don’t Forget to Tell a Story

Storytelling is the best way to connect with your audience. Studies suggest telling a story makes it 20 times more likely that a customer will find value in your product or brand. So, look for a way to tie a story into your technical content.

This guide from HubSpot will help you understand what makes a good story and how to put your information into more effective words.

Get the Most Marketing Benefit by Dividing Your Content

In addition to presenting your technical “boring” content in a visual way, you should divide it up. Just because a white paper has tons of information and provides value doesn’t mean everyone is going to read and enjoy it. Instead, here are some ways to break up your content into bite-sized information:

  • Break out a ground-breaking statistic in a creative graphic.
  • Create a short video Q&A with an expert.
  • Create a sub-series of blogs from a long white paper.
  • Engage with your audience on social media by using a poll feature with a relevant question from your information.

When You Really Need Help Marketing a Boring Business, Trust the Professionals

We’ll never say our clients are boring! But we are expert graphic designers, writers and videographers who have helped all kinds of businesses deliver technical information in creative ways. If you need help making your technical content shine, reach out and see how we can help your business stand out with superior content marketing.

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