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This weekend marks the start of the 81st National Cherry Festival here in Traverse City, Michigan. When asked about the Air Show times I typed the query “National Cherry Festival” into Google to find out the details. Imagine my surprise when I saw zero sponsored sites!

What if visitors want information on restaurants in TC? What if they want some of that amazing cherry pie from the little pie shop but can’t remember the shop’s name? Wouldn’t it make sense for local advertisers to open a Google AdWords account and create a campaign targeted towards the festival? It can happen in as little as 15 minutes!

National advertisers have learned that the internet is a fantastic way to get information out about their products. Online advertising has increased at an amazing rate and consumers are learning how to shop online via pay per click ads. How is it that local advertisers have overlooked such a lucrative advertising venue?

For the most part, I believe advertisers are blinded by what they think they know. “Sure, we advertise online; we have a website” or “We have an ad on the official Cherry Festival website”; two great forms of advertisement, but not what I am referring to here.

The problem lies in not knowing what we don’t know. Let’s say I owned that pie shop in downtown Traverse City. I would open a Google AdWords account and create a campaign focused on all the festivals in TC. It could look like this:

Campaign – Festivals
AdGroups – Cherry Festival
Text Ad –
Buy Cherry Festival Pies
Enjoy our Cherry Pies at home.
Shipped Daily. Guaranteed Fresh!
KW’s –
[cherry festival pie]
“cherry festival pie”

Does this make you think that searchers would never type “cherry festival pie” into a search engine? Think again! Every day average people are becoming more and more targeted with their search queries. Here at Oneupweb, we have visibility into what users are typing into Google, Yahoo! and other engines and can see that savvy shoppers, shoppers who know exactly what they want, type extremely specific queries into the search engines. When they find the result they want they are clicking on the most relevant pay per click ads and purchasing from our clients.

This is a form of advertising that continues to increase in popularity and scope. If you think it might work for your business then by all means learn as much as you can about it! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

And if you come to the National Cherry Festival this year make sure you get your pie from the Grand Traverse Pie Company. You will be delighted!

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