Integrate, Sync-up, Create Symmetry, Synergize: Are you doing what’s necessary?

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With all of the buzz words around integrating your off- and online marketing initiatives, it’s common for conversations about marketing strategies to touch upon this topic.

Recently, I had the honor of speaking with dozens of smart, talented, and savvy individuals from across the marketing/advertising/pr/web development spectrum. Throughout these conversations this theme of integration commonly comes into the spotlight. I know it’s something that has been part of marketing conversations for quite a long time now, but I often wonder what’s really being done?

Because of my role with Oneupweb as Partner Relations Manager, I commonly speak with marketers who specialize in different forms of marketing/PR than I do. In a recent conversation with a PR expert, we asked each other if there is an opportunity to sit down with companies, as a team, and help them visualize a complete and integrated off- and online PR campaign?

The answer is yes.

There are infinite opportunities to bridge your company’s message across traditional and online media forms, where potential customers are exposed to a consistent voice, a consistent message, and a consistent brand.

The same goes for a variety of marketing and advertising endeavors:

Is your website going through a re-design? Now is the time to involve SEO experts to ensure that search-friendly design is addressed.

Is your company launching a new product? Team up your traditional and digital marketing departments to create symmetry between the web and print media.

Is your company opening a new brick and mortar location? Local advertising and local search are a great match to gain your new location visibility in the area.

Does your company experience a lot of media attention in print form? Capitalize on the press and promote the attention on your website, and integrate podcasts so potential leads can easily download the media for the commute home.

And it doesn’t stop there. The opportunities really are endless.

So if you’re struggling with how to sync-up your marketing, advertising and new media outlets, contact Oneupweb. We’d be happy to discuss some ideas with you.

As a leader in digital marketing, Oneupweb can help your company choose the best method of bringing your traditional marketing and advertising into a digital medium.

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