Landing Pages Should Be More Like Mariano Rivera

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I’m not much of a baseball fan but I do appreciate excellent performance. Rivera is a relief pitcher or for the NY Yankees. In the late innings of a ball game, when preserving a win is on the line, Mariano goes to work as one of the top-ranked “closers” in baseball. A good PPC strategy includes landing pages designed to preserve the win – to close the sale.

I recently had a conversation with a client who wanted to use an existing page from his web site as a landing page. As Kristie discussed a few days ago, website home pages are ill-suited to generating conversions. Linking a paid search click to any other existing website page can be a bad idea as well. These pages are not designed to be used as an extension of the paid search ad or to close the sale. Studies have shown that when a searcher clicks on a paid search ad selling a product, they are likely to buy that product if they find what they are looking for. A properly designed landing page has one mission – to convert the searcher to a customer – to close the sale. Think of the search experience as a sales process. When someone types “buy rocket fuel” in Google, they want to do literally that. They will click on an ad that they feel will deliver what they are looking for. It must move them to “buy rocket fuel” as efficiently, quickly and easily as possible. Things happen fast on the Internet. A good landing page gets right to the point, supplying the information necessary for a purchase decision with no distractions. The landing page must continue the laser-focused selling message that began with the paid search ad click.

The landing pages we implement for our clients act as the next step in the sales process for a single product and a very specific target market at an attractive price point. Just like the paid search ad. The landing page message in one case is – It’s simple, easy, inexpensive, and typically include a risk free guarantee. The landing page design evokes a feeling of ease and confidence. It is uncluttered, to the point and asks for the sale.

Existing website pages are intended to be informational in nature and to assist in the beginning of the online research process. They are not designed to close the sale. By clicking on a paid search ad, the searcher has already begun the sales process and eliminating links or any other distractions allow us to guide the searcher to the sale in a very precise manner.

Don’t lose the online sales game. Put focused paid search landing pages, specific to your ads, to work in the late innings to preserve the win – close the sale.

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