Your Lazy Sunday Reading: Football Infographics

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Looking for a little light reading before football kicks off? Why not take a look at these football-related infographics.

Baseball may be the national pastime, but by any measure the most popular American sport is played in the National Football League. Come fall, Sunday is synonymous with “football,” and come January, fans of the NFL pay close attention to the last remaining teams as they march toward the season’s final culmination: the Super Bowl. And the Super Bowl is practically synonymous with “Advertising.”

A fascinating sport— foot ball is a storied contest that involves the players as much as it does the fans and the way they enjoy the game. But it’d be boring to simply drone on about some of its more interesting aspects—it’d be much more engaging to use some infographics to help tell those stories.

So look no further than the list below for a handful of infographics that help describe some of the game’s most interesting aspects.

  • Original 14 NFL Teams—Where Are They Now? Da Bears are still in Chicago, but what happened to the Muncie Flyers or the Detroit Heralds? For a little history on the original 14 NFL teams, look no further than this infographic.
  • Football vs. Cheerleading: Who Gets More Hurt? Concussions are a serious issue for football players, but it might surprise you that they account for only 17% of all football injures. That same stat for cheerleaders: a whopping 37%. Mull on that and determine for yourself—who needs head protection more, football players or cheerleaders?
  • Beer and the NFL. Fact: a lot of beer is consumed by NFL fans. According to this infographic, if you aggregated the amount spent on beer consumed during the Super Bowl alone, it would total $31.2B—enough to buy 31 stealth bombers.
  • 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Breakdown. Last year, 45 original ads ran during the 2013 Super Bowl (not counting movie promotions or local spots). How many were for tech and mobile? How many used sex appeal? How many had Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as The Rock) in them? Answer those now-burning questions with this infographic.

View them, share them, tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you in the comments, below.

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