Google’s Matt Cutts Living It Up on Vacation, Kinda

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Matt Cutts made a big announcement last week. The head of Google’s webspam team says he’ll be on leave through October. But Matt!

For those who don’t know, Matt Cutts is Google’s top cop. When Matt speaks (or blogs or tweets), SEOs listen and they listen hard. While he’s not announcing a new filter or issuing a cryptic warning against dated practices, we couldn’t help but wade into his latest announcement.

Matt Cutts, what on Earth will you be doing for the next four months?

In his blog, he mentions ballroom dancing, a half Ironman and an early 15th anniversary trip with his wife. He also says he will not be checking his work email. At Oneupweb, we couldn’t help but wonder, “What else will you be doing while not checking your work email?”

And here’s what we imagine his vacation photos will look like…


1.) Ballroom dancing (he can really “cutt” a rug!)

2.) Relaxing with some light reading

matt cutts hammock

3.) Enjoying the Great Outdoors


4.) Taking a swing at some putt-putt

matt cutts mini golf

5.) Horseback riding lessons

matt cutts horseback

6.) Starting a garage band called “Matt Cutts and the Bots”

matt cutts-garage-band

7.) Dominating a half Ironman

matt cutts triathlon2

8.) Making friends at an alpaca farm

alpacas-kiss-matt cutts

9.) Acting a fool on his cruise…

matt cutts biker cruise

10.) … to Hawaii, where he will indulge in the local delicacies

matt cutss spam

What an incredible vacation! The only thing missing is a trip to Traverse City, Michigan.


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