Mid-Month Recap: Content Marketing, Big Data, Design and More

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We’re midway through January 2014—and in case you missed these the first time, below is a recap of our thoughts on some of the hot topics in digital marketing to date.

Content Marketing, Social Media and Search

  • Semantic Search: Boldly Going Where No Search Engine Has Gone Before. We discuss semantic search and how an holistic approach is the best way to improve your search rankings.
  • Potential New Google+ Ads Require More Transparency. Contrary to popular belief, people are using Google+—but how, exactly? We call for greater transparency from Google on their statistics in this blog post.
  • Social Media Engagement and Always-on Screen Time. Social media marketing needs to incorporate a multi-device strategy. Here’s why.


  • The Three Ancient Roman Principles of Web Design. Durability, utility and beauty apply equally to web design as they do to architecture. Find out why here.
  • Dispelling the Top 3 Website Accessibility Myths. Section 508 outlines the best ways to design and build websites for people with disabilities—we dispel some myths about website accessibility here.

Big Data

  • 3 Questions for Marketers Applying Big Data. How small and mid-size businesses should approach Big Data.

Higher Education and Healthcare

Oneupweb specializes in serving higher education and healthcare companies. Look for more content specific to these industries in near future. For now:

  • CRM Retargeting in Higher Education Marketing. We discuss the 2012 Noel-Levitz study on personalized attention and its effect on enrollment, tying in how CRM retargeting can help your marketing efforts.
  • Applying Personalized Medicine to Healthcare Marketing. How should the  healthcare industry approach content marketing? A boxed, super inclusive approach is not the remedy.

What topics are you interested in reading more about? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the rest of January!

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