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Well it’s been a few months since my last mobile update. I’m sure that has left everyone asking “What’s going on”. If you’ve been following the development of the mobile web at all, you know there has been plenty – here are some of the highlights.

Mobile Podcasting –
Samsung and Nokia team up in a partnership with VoiceIndigo to offer podcasts for mobile phones. Samsung mobile phones will come loaded with VoiceIndigo software allowing users to manage their podcast and music files through a handy web interface. In addition to being convenient and easy to use, this will allow them to maintain their preferences when they get a new phone. This venture is supported in part by a click-to-call, click-to-buy advertising model.

Yahoo Go 2.0 –
In an effort to make the mobile web as visually appealing and easily accessible as possible, Yahoo has released a new and improved Go 2.0 interface. Check out the Yahoo Go 2.0 tour for yourself. Everything from email to news to ringtones and local search is very easily accessible and more visually appealing that I’ve seen it before.

Community Supported Mobile Branding –
Coca-Cola Foods has built a mobile based social community to support their Sprite brand. Sprite Yard is an always on mobile based social networking community targeted directly at teens. Allowing users to interact with the social community in all the typical ways (sharing photos, connecting with peers and discovering content that includes ringtones, mobisodes and other mobile related content) Coca-Cola plans to promote the new site strictly through the use of PIN codes found under Sprite caps.

T.V. on the Go –
DIRECTV and TV Guide are both starting to cater to the ever popular car television screen.

T.V Guide has rolled out a new mobile version of their TV Guide interactive program guide as well as a mobile version of its TV Guide Channel. Now drivers, or preferably passengers, can check local listing through their mobile device or tune into the TV Guide Channel right in their car.

Through a deal with KVH Industries, DIRECTV is broadcasting local programming to car video screens. Including live local news, weather, sports, traffic reports and other local programming, DIRECTV Total Choice Mobile will be offered as a monthly subscription service to select areas.

iPhone –
Saving the biggest news for last – I would tend to believe that unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past several months, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the release of the much anticipated iPhone. As expected, this release has come with very mixed reviews. Some are calling iPhone the revolutionary breakthrough that will change everything – others are just hoping to get a full refund so they can get their BlackBerry back. Not having an iPhone yet myself, all I can really say is they sure look cool.

In closing I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Marvin Gaye. I would also like to invite any of you out there to comment on any of these updates as well as any other mobile happenings that have caught your attention.

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