What You Missed: Monday Marketing Minute Round-up

If you’ve missed a few Monday Marketing Minutes lately, don’t despair! We’ve organized them neatly in this one spot for your viewing pleasure.

Freddy, Gill, Nate and Ashley have tips on franchise marketing, content farms, video apps you should be using and more.

Gill and Freddy suggest questions a franchise owner should ask about marketing efforts.
Gill and Ashley chat about content farms, what they are and why you shouldn’t use them. Read more about content farms.
Enjoy our April Fools’ Day Monday Marketing Minute on Myspace optimization. Read the full blog on Myspace best practices here.
Nate and Gill explain some DIY video apps you should check out. Learn more about DIY video apps.
Learn about web page optimization with Freddy and Gill.
Freddy explains what a technical site audit is. You can learn more about technical site audits here.

If you liked this round-up, be sure to check back every Monday or browse all our other Monday Marketing Minutes or blog posts. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, don’t hesitiate to reach out.