One for the Road: Ann Arbor

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I’m coming live to you from Gallup Park in Ann Arbor. What a view! We have water on either side of the pavilion we’re in, and it has been a fantastic day.

We’ve had a steady stream of Michigan business men and women who have stopped by for our free online marketing consultations. From costumes for toddlers to a vineyard in California, we’ve enjoyed meeting with people and learning about their business. And of course, talking to everyone about online marketing.

Even now I can hear Dave on the Oneupweb hotline, talking with an Ann Arbor business who couldn’t make it to the park. Teal is busy talking about online usability, and Leah is showing her social media savvy as she consults with a businessman. CEO Lisa Wehr is deep in conversation along with our PPC Power, Vern. Every table is full, the sun is shining and even the geese are friendly.

Okay, so enough “this day has been so great”. Here are some of the crazy things that have happened today:

  • A chimpunk ran over my foot. It was terrifying.
  • We discovered how friendly the water fowl are. We even interviewed one (look for that on YouTube shortly).
  • We had an interesting phone call with park employees. They saw our motor home with our 800 number and were wondering what it was that we were doing.
  • Dave attempted to juggle. Vern actually did.
  • We (I) discovered the joys of a Macbook. (Love it!)

We’ll be in Lansing tomorrow at Sharp Park (Elmwood Road). Thursday our destination is Grand Rapids’ John Ball Park, and then we head home on Friday to hold our free online marketing consultations at our offices in Traverse City.

We’ll see you on the road.

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