One-Stop Shopping

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I’m not much of a shopper. I don’t try on jeans before I buy them. And yes, inevitably I end up returning them because they don’t fit, only to try on the next size to make sure they are the ones. I buy groceries based on when I’m ready to eat and the mood I’m in. I can’t “shop” for groceries because I don’t know if I’m going to feel like Shake ‘N Bake this week. I buy gas when my tank gets low, and I never pay attention to the station I choose and the price they are charging. I admit it; I am a terrible shopper.

So when the weekend comes around and my better half insists we visit Target, I have to remind myself not to collapse onto the floor kicking, flailing and screaming, “I don’t want to go shopping!” No, I finally grew out of that stage. (My poor mom and our dreaded trips to K-Mart to buy me fake Air Jordans.)

Truthfully, I don’t mind Target. It’s a one-stop shop. They have a diverse product mix. The lines are short. In and out. Convenient. That’s my kind of shopping.

As a member of the sales team, it’s exciting to be a part of Oneupweb’s natural evolution into a fully integrated online marketing company. Our Search Marketing services and Thought Leadership have propelled us to become an industry leader with a roster of successful clients. And now, we offer a new roster of services to continue to meet the needs of our current clients and the growing needs of new clients.

Yes, Oneupweb clients now have the luxury of a one-stop online marketing partner. No more shopping around to find an email partner. No more trying on various Usability experts. No more, one vendor for this and another vendor for that. No more multiple vendors not on the same page. With the addition of Usability, E-Mail Marketing, Mobile Search, Online Advertising Services, and Marketing Research, Oneupweb has evolved into a convenient shopping experience.

So whether you need toothpaste and a new universal remote for the TV, or online marketing for your business, a one-stop shopping experience makes a Saturday afternoon salvageable and online branding and sales manageable.

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