Oneupweb : 5 Utility Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Since you are a loyal StraightUpSearch reader, I am about to reward you by letting you in on a hot secret. Behind the walls of Oneupweb, a group of us have been designing and developing an iPhone application that is loaded with useful tools. It should be live in the next couple of months. While I can’t reveal the name or details just yet, I can show you some of the super useful and beautiful “utility” apps that served as inspiration for our awesome upcoming app.


Square allows you to do billings on the run! By attaching the “square” to your iPhone, you can swipe a credit card and receive payments instantly.


Business Card Reader allows you to toss out the old school Rolodex and log phone numbers, email addresses and other information into your contacts right off of an image.


Remote will save you if you’re floating in a pool listening to your tunes and suddenly your Jack Johnson list ends and techno begins. With remote, you can change the song without getting out of the water.


Gas Cubby is your best friend on a budget trip. It keeps track of vehicle maintenance and allows you to monitor your gas. Road trip!


Tipulator will save you when you have a table full of people and need to split the bill. This app also helps calculate appropriate tips for when you have great dinning experiences.

Keep your eyes out for our soon-to-launch app that is sure to wow you! Until then…scope out Oneupweb’s mobile services. iPhone application development and mobile website development await you. Contact us today with any questions or comments!

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