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There is no question that Facebook reigns supreme in the social networking world. If you’re still one of the few that think MySpace is better—it’s probably because of how customizable MySpace is (and Facebook isn’t). Well, I hear ya. While I do think Facebook is better, I do wish that the design or look of Facebook was more customizable.

Well my friends—the Facebook gods have been listening! They are now allowing Facebook tabs to be customized using CSS, HTML and FBJS (Facebook’s own JavaScript)! Sure, it’s no custom background, but it’s a glimpse into what I think is the future of Facebook. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

How to Customize a Facebook Tab
Things to note before getting started:

  • You have to use the Static FBML application, and it can only be added to Facebook fan pages (public profiles or business pages).
  • To add the application to your Facebook fan page, you have to have a personal profile associated with the page as an administrator; the admin can add apps when logged in.
  • Currently the maximum width of a tab or FBML page is 760px, but Facebook announced that the size will be shrinking to 520px in early 2010. So far no shrinkage yet.
  • Only include the HTML/CSS that’s between the tags.

Adding the Static FBML Application to Your Public Profile (Fan Page)

  1. Click “Edit Page” under the page’s profile image.
  2. Under “Applications,” then under “More Applications” (normally at the bottom) select “Browse More”.
  3. In the left column search box, enter “Static FBML” and hit enter/return.
  4. Click on the “Static FBML” search result (it should be the only one).
  5. In the left column, click “Add to my Page”.
  6. Congrats! You have added Static FBML to your page.

Adding Your FBML Box or Tab to Your Public Profile Page

  1. With your page open, click on “Edit Page” in the left column.
  2. Under Applications, find the “Static FBML” link and click “Edit”.
  3. Enter the tab/box heading in the “Box Title” field.
  4. Enter the proper code (HTML, CSS or FBJS) in the “FBML” field. This is the custom content you want to appear.
  5. Sorry, there isn’t a preview function yet, so click “Save Changes”. Now, return to your page (you can click on the page title link in the upper left hand corner) to see your new custom tab.
  6. You can drag and drop the box tabs to change the order (with the exception of the “Wall” and “Info” tabs). If you want your new custom tab to be the first thing a viewer sees when opening your page:
    • Click “Edit Page” under the page’s profile image.
    • Under “Wall Settings” click on “Edit”.
    • Under “View Settings” and then to the right of “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” click on the drop down and select the name of your new tab.

Pat yourself on the back. You have now successfully added a custom tab to your Facebook page! The all powerful Facebook gods are now smiling upon you!

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