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Google recently announced the addition of a new feature in the AdWords management interface called “negative keyword lists.” Negative keyword lists will allow you to build and maintain groups of negative keywords that you can quickly apply across multiple campaigns in your account. In the past you would need to copy negatives from one campaign to another which is an easy process with AdWords Editor, but it’s a somewhat slow process when performed through the web management interface. Negative keyword lists aim to speed up the process of implementing negatives in new and existing campaigns.

Negative keyword lists can be accessed through the “Control Panel and Library” section of the AdWords interface. Creating a list is as simple as picking a name and entering the negative keywords that you would like to use.

Then, follow these instructions:
1. Click the Keywords tab for each of the campaigns for which you’d like to use this list of negative keywords.
2. Click the Negative keywords link at the bottom of the page. The Campaign level table has two views:
* Keywords: Shows which individual negative keywords have been directly added to this campaign.
* Keyword Lists: Shows which negative keyword lists have been added to this campaign.
3. Click the Add drop-down menu from either view, and then select Negative keyword list. You’ll then be able to choose the lists you’d like to add. If you didn’t already select a campaign, you’ll need to do this before adding the negative keyword list.

Negative keyword lists can be updated and deleted, although as of now it appears that the ability to delete lists hasn’t been fully implemented. It is good to see that Google is making a continued effort to expand the number of features in AdWords that help to speed account management tasks and improve campaign performance.

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