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It looks like the FDA and CDC have yet another food related crisis to handle with the Great Egg Recall of 2010.  They know that these salmonella infected eggs originated from two farms in Iowa, but they are still investigating why they were infected, where they were packaged and re-labeled, where they were distributed to, and finally the end users who ended up purchasing them. Spinach, peanut butter, ground beef and now eggs…where will it come from next? At least Toyota can now enjoy a break from the recall spotlight.

How can so many of these recalled eggs still be sitting in grocery stores, restaurants and consumers’ refrigerators?  What about the numerous products that are made with eggs, especially the yummy baked goods that many consume daily?  Will products made with these eggs be the next wave of recalls?  I remember when the Peanut Butter Recall of 2009 started unfolding, and the long road it traveled as this product was re-purposed into so many other products with long shelf lives.

Each carton of eggs is stamped with a plant number and the Julian Date, which consumers can check against the current FDA recall list. With all of our available technologies, it seems like there would be some kind of means where these numbers could exist in some master database, and could easily be tracked right down to the supermarket checkout scanner. Don’t they have an app for that? Can the Google bar code scanner on smartphones relay this information to those looking?

It seems that they can’t even accurately break it down to what states might be affected, until people start falling ill. As of today, 23 states have received potentially-contaminated eggs, and I found out just this morning that our home state, Michigan, has just been added to the list.

But what if there was a way to track the journey of the eggs from the farm to the table? That is exactly what Oneupweb does for our clients. Not necessarily eggs per se, but whatever products or services our customers are offering online, we can track it with our proprietary analytics tool, ROI trax. We can prove right down to the penny how much your online investment is generating in terms of conversions or sales.

We can help your business weed out any bad eggs in your marketing basket by channeling your marketing dollars online into a format where every click can be measured and optimized. Our project management teams utilize our proprietary tools and search expertise to maximize the analytical data to strategically grow your campaigns and increase your ROI.

Oneupweb’s staff of seasoned search veterans know their stuff and have grown and adapted with the search industry since the beginning. If your business needs a hand in cracking that egg, give us a call! Don’t wait too long, or that basket of eggs can turn into a rotten stink bomb. And don’t let your business go through life with egg on your face, or you may be left scrambling to catch up to your competition as they start poaching your customers. The reality of it all won’t go over-easy on your financial statements when facing the hard boiled facts that your business may not be looking so sunny-side-up in the future to come.

But what if your business is eggs, or anything else that has or might be facing recall (or reputation) issues in the future?  Does your business have a plan for a potential crisis about your brand, products or services? Oneupweb can help you out there too, as we can help you track your brand in cyberspace, and be proactive should anything negative ever come your way. Check out our online reputation management services and the many other Digital PR ways in which we can help.

I’m very fortunate that I have the option to purchase my eggs from a neighborhood farmer’s stand, just down the road from my home. And to the age old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I think that scientists finally have an answer to that.

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