Oneupweb : Be Relentless 2011—The Agenda, The Personalities And The Method To Our Madness

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The count-down is on! Just seven more days. You may have seen it advertised across the web—be it on Fast Company or Mashable, Pandora or Internet Retailer—we here at Oneupweb want to make sure you know about and attend our upcoming virtual event, Be Relentless 2011 on May 4th.

So, what exactly is Be Relentless 2011?

Good question! It’s a virtual conference that will bring together today’s most innovative marketers to deliver tangible value and marketing strategy to attendees. Be Relentless 2011 will inspire marketers and brand managers across the globe as companies who are seeing business growth share their stories of success.

Be Relentless 2011 is virtual and free to attend, ensuring that there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of spreading the knowledge, networking and inspiration that we all need to drive business forward.

When is Be Relentless 2011?

May 4, 2011 8:00am EST—8:00pm EST (You don’t have to stay the whole day—check in and out as you see fit.)

Who is speaking at Be Relentless 2011?

  • Lisa Wehr                    Founder & CEO, Oneupweb
  • Onlee Bowden             Founder & Public Speaking Coach, In Your Own Words
  • John DiStefano            Research Director, BtoB Magazine
  • Rick Harrison               Founder & CEO, GET Interactive
  • Amy Kyle                     Publisher, Home Furnishings Business (NAPCO)
  • Oren Michel                 Co-Founder & CEO, Mashery
  • Cassie Pean                  Public Relations Manager, VOCUS
  • Lisa Riley                     Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights & Strategy, J.D. Power &  Associates
  • Kimberly Roman          Director of Marketing, FARO Technologies
  • Stacy Acevero              Social Media Community Manager, VOCUS
  • Leah Singer                 Senior Client Success Specialist, Oneupweb
  • Maureen Michaels        Director of Social Media, Oneupweb
  • Tim Kauffold                Director of Operations, Oneupweb
  • Duncan White              Director of Client Services, Oneupweb
  • Carly Wujcik                Director of Marketing, Oneupweb
  • Steve Bulger                Client Services Representative, Oneupweb
  • Dave Castle                  Director of Client Strategy, Oneupweb
  • Luke Mason                  Client Services Representative, Oneupweb

What’s on the agenda?

It’s too long to list in this post but you can download the details on all 17 riveting presentations right here.

Who should attend?

Decision makers and marketing executives of innovative businesses seeking services, products and thought leadership to help their companies grow. (You!  We want you!)

Where do you register?

Here!  Right here!  Here, here here!!

How do you enter to win an iPad 2?

Register to attend today, and be sure to use this promo code: SUSearch

I really hope you will join this event and help us spread the word! And when you do, be sure to stop by the Oneupweb booth and say hello!

And of course, a big thank you to our sponsors and thought leaders who are helping make this event monumental. “See” you soon!

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