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NBC SuperBowl 2009LMAO
This commercial seriously made me LMAO.

JetBlueSeat Monster
Have you ever been on a five hour flight and felt like you were being eaten whole by the seat of the man sitting in front of you? I have, and it’s seriously the most annoying and uncomfortable experience ever. You get so angry and frustrated that your joyful outlook about the vacation goes out the window. Watch this commercial and you will be reminded of that awful experience, and maybe, just maybe you will fly JetBlue.

PondsFix Your Past
Oh, snap! This commercial for Ponds definitely got my attention. I may not be at the age (it’s actually my 25th birthday today) where I obsessively purchase night creams and firming gels, but I sure did pay attention to this video. The actors really played the emotion exceptionally well and the nontraditional approach to advertising for beauty products really paid off. Maybe the cosmetics industry should take a hint from these guys and stop playing the “shallow” card. BRAVO! You can see the credits here.

Chicken LickenSinging Burger
I just thought this was funny. Just watch it and you’ll see.

Women’s AidCut
This commercial really knocks the wind out of you, almost literally. Keira Knightley is amazing in this video for Women’s Aid. She volunteered her time for Domestic Violence awareness. Isn’t it time someone called cut on domestic violence?

T. Rowe PriceINK
This spot is incredible. I absolutely love the use of ink and hand made elements. It’s so nicely done and I’m truly jealous I didn’t get to work on it. The transitions are amazing and my favorite part is the fork and noodles. Watch it and find the credits here.

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