Oneupweb : Does Anyone Read Facebook Ads?

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There is this little social network site out there called Facebook…maybe you’ve heard of it?  Of course you have unless you’ve been living in a cave the last few years. When I think of the amount of users Facebook has, the phrase “Even your Grandma is on Facebook” comes to mind. I can assure you, my Baba is not on Facebook, but pretty much the rest of the world is—including my mom.

People actually read Facebook ads

Facebook, like most websites you visit, have advertisements. We all have gotta’ earn a living, right? Have you ever paid attention to the ads you’re being served while updating your post or wishing your mom “Happy Birthday” like I did this morning? I do. I realize the targeted advertisements, especially since I work at Oneupweb. I’m not your average user, I truly look at all online advertising with a super critical eye. Mostly, it’s to make fun of people who are doing it poorly. For example, I am a proud graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, and I was targeted this fall by a company selling sports gear to women. This was great, because it is hard to find cute women’s sports apparel! However, they were asking if I was ready for Xavier football—XU hasn’t had a football team since 1972. So, no, I wasn’t ready.

Facebook advertising is still young and can be tricky to manage to the desired action. I’m sure the desired action of the XU football ad wasn’t for me to laugh hysterically at their lack of research. People on Facebook aren’t usually on the site to buy things or search. They are there to interact with long-lost high school friends and family. So, how do you effectively advertise on Facebook? What are you trying to accomplish with your Facebook ads? Are you even advertising on Facebook?!? If not, you are missing out on 500 million users logging in for hours every day. Let us help you get  noticed and not laughed at on Facebook. Trust us, we’re relentless.

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