Oneupweb : Franchise iPhone Apps–Hungry for Pizza and Applications

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This is going to be a self serving blog in a couple of ways. The first self service here is a mention of Oneupweb’s iPhone application development services. The second is that I, and many other people, are hungry. We are hungry for pizza, subs, pretzels, ice cream, coffee and other delectable delights sold by franchises. We are also hungry for a way to use our smart phones to find locations, grab coupons and to place orders.

Oneupweb recently developed an iPhone app that can be easily modified to help franchises go viral with a fun and useful tool. The app allows you to have fun with a game, share the results with your friends (who will, in turn, share with their friends, and so on), find a location, get a coupon, place an order, and even request information on franchise opportunities. How can you lose with all that?

So (now that I’m done with the Oneupweb pitch), here is my frustration. I have scoured Google and the iPhone app store trying to find apps for some of my favorite food franchises. Very few are in the game. This is troubling for the late adopters because the companies that are in the game are succeeding and leaping further ahead. At this point, if you are a pizza chain and you don’t have an app, you are behind. I suppose a day may  soon come that franchisees and their customers will group together and explain to the franchisor what is missing. Perhaps then some of you will catch up.

Having an iphone app will help you stay in front of your busy, on-the-go customers (and maybe the couch potatoes, too). Give them what they are hungry for—a tasty quick meal that is easy to come by.

Now, let’s see, almost time for lunch. I will just load my Pizza Hut iPhone app and place an order. I will be eating soon. Thanks, Pizza Hut, for being modern!

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