Oneupweb : Fun Friday Review

TGIF gang. It’s nearly the weekend. And to celebrate, we’re bringing you another installment of Oneupweb’s Fun Friday Review. We’ve scoured YouTube to find the top trending videos this week, and below is the list of our social media department’s favorite videos. Some will make you laugh, some will make you scratch your head, some will make you feel inspired, and one may make you cry.

Without further ado, enjoy the videos, and have a fabulous weekend…

First on the docket is the Wii Fit Fail. This showcases what not do to when playing Wii Fit. Basically, just make sure your dog isn’t in the way.


Why don’t we see more of what’s in this next video in the NBC or NCAA?

Freak Basket on Inbounds Pass (LAUGH)

In the hopes of obtaining a younger audience, the folks over at the Academy Awards have Anne Hathaway and James Franco in OSCAR(S)® training. I plan on tuning in this year. Will you?

ABC 2011 Oscar Promo With James Franco and Anne Hathaway (LAUGH)

Double Dream Hands choreographer John Jacobson was asked to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as gift from her staff. The color yellow and the dancing made me feel happy.

Ellen’s Staff Surprises Ellen! (LAUGH/HEAD SCRATCH)

This video featuring Kevin Jumba is a recruitment video to obtain teachers for, which promotes education in developing countries.

KevJumba: Kenya Challenge (INSPIRED)

I don’t watch American Idol, but several people around the office keep talking about Chris Medina this, and Chris Medina that. I had no clue what they were talking about, but sure enough, after doing a little digging, Chris Medina had several YouTube trending videos. It’s heartbreaking. It’s inspirational. It might make you shed a tear, but it was one of our favorites.

! Chris Medina – Break Even : American Idol 10 Auditions ! (CRY)

What do you think of our choices? Do you think we missed the mark or hit the nail on the head? Let us know what you think of these videos in the comments section below.