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I can remember when my parents had our first phone installed in our house. It was a black rotary dial that hung on the wall. The line was shared with over 5 families who lived several miles from us. After all, it was called a party line.

Today, 1 in 4 homes have cell phones and no landline according to CBS News. That includes me. I pitched my landline carrier over 6 years ago. They charge you for the most ridiculous things, like $1.99 more a month if you have a touchtone phone. Come on, really? It doesn’t sound like much, but it sure adds up over the years that you’ve paid for it! The carriers are making a ton of money as they nickel and dime for just about everything! I am so glad I dropped them.

I am sure, as time goes on, it will be the norm for people to not have landlines. Really, what’s the point in having one? You virtually have everything on your cell phone—apps galore, internet and the convenience of having it with you wherever you roam. And you know what you’re paying for.

A month or so ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone with my basic Razor phone and bought a Droid. I have to say this phone has taken me to a new level. I never thought I’d be one to be so connected to my phone, but it’s with me all the time. Having my e-mail available whenever I want is pretty crazy. I’m still learning the different things it can do, and there’s much more on it than I really need. But that’s what technology is all about—pushing your comfort zone to learn new gadgets and features.

I can’t even imagine how much technology will change in the years ahead. My two-year-old grandson will someday think that my Droid is about as outdated as my parents’ old rotary dial and party line.

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