Oneupweb : Google Attempts Facebook Like Button with +1 Button

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In order to take advantage of the incredibly successful Facebook Like Button, and after the disaster of what was Google Buzz, Google has taken on a new strategy in social media—the Google +1 Button.

What is the Google +1 Button? Think of it as the Facebook Like Button, but on Google search results. Google is calling it “the digital shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool.’” The search giant also plans on implementing the button on web pages as well.

According to a recent Google blog post, “The beauty of +1’s is their relevance—you get the right recommendations (because they come from people who matter to you), at the right time (when you are actually looking for information about that topic) and in the right format (your search results).”

One must have a Google Account in order to utilize the +1 Button, which isn’t fully available to the public just yet. The search giant claims that it will soon start slowly rolling out the feature. But if you’re really intrigued, you can opt-in to the launch by visiting the Google Labs site.

Below are a few screenshots from Google of the +1 Button in Google search results pages:

Before : +1 Button in Google SERP

After : +1 in Google SERP

Google Contacts Using +1 Button

Google is desperately trying to make its mark in the social space. And with the Google +1 Button, the social media team here at Oneupweb is still on the fence about whether or not it will become a success. To Google’s credit, it does seem like a handy feature.

Below is a short video by Google about how the +1 Button works in search results and web pages:

What do you think of Google’s +1 Button? Will it become a success and compete with the Facebook Like Button, or become a failure like Google Buzz? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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