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21510_googlebuzzGoogle Buzz just launched on Tuesday, but according to Google, they’ve already seen over 9 million posts and comments created using Buzz, and are seeing over 200 posts per minute from mobile users around the globe.

Google is doing a great job pointing out this new feature to Gmail users. Buzz has become a trending topic in Twitter and has been covered by nearly every tech blog in the world. So it’s not surprising that people are flocking to check it out. But at nearly 3,000 posts and comments per minute, Buzz has already seen some impressive usage.

(In case you’re still in the dark on Google’s latest product, you can check out Oneupweb’s Review of Google Buzz.)

With this kind of user base for a brand new Google product, you would expect there to be a ton of feedback and recommendations for improvement—and there has been. The best part about it—Google’s listened!  They’ve already started making improvements based on concerns they’ve heard about privacy, blocking followers and the need for more clarity on which of your followers (and those that you follow) can appear on your public profile.

Although this barely scratches the surface on the types of suggestions people are voicing about Buzz.  Some others include having the ability to post to Twitter and sync up with Facebook, as well as better sharing and sorting capabilities. There’s a lot of noise about Buzz out there, and I think up until this point, Google’s done a good job of listening and reacting.

One thing’s for sure—we can expect to see many changes and enhancements to Buzz over the next several months as Google continues to listen to its users and starts to integrate it with more of its products.  The potential implications of Buzz on the social, search and email fronts are tremendous, but as with so many other Google products that have rolled out, we’ll just have to wait and see if the buzz on Buzz can be sustained.

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