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Let me start out with a confession. I don’t tweet. Every once in a while, I’ll check out Oneupweb’s Twitter feed, or before he got a TV show and a book deal, I’d check in on Justin.

So, when Google announced a new website for their new URL shortener, I didn’t leap from my chair in astonishment and shout, “Thanks Google, for making my URL sharing capabilities THAT much easier!” Because I don’t use Twitter, where URL shorteners are commonly used, this wasn’t a life changing event for me.

Since it is Google, though, I had to take it one step further and ask…

What are the SEO implications?

301 Permanent Redirects
When the shortened URL reaches the destination URL, it is taken there via a 301 Permanent Redirect. This not only helps pass along relevance, it may help boost links from social networks and may influence your everyday link building tactics.

You can login to in order to receive analytic data (similar to, but keep in mind this also provides valuable demographic data to Google. This gives Google unique insight on trends, who is using their products and how they can target their products more effectively.

Whether it’s for Chrome or another browser, when Google releases a new product, there’s no doubt it opens the doors for creating browser extensions and more user interaction.

Even if you don’t tweet or use a URL shortening service, when Google builds out a current product, look past the shiny, new website, and dig deeper. A product build-out could indicate a ranking change or mark a change in how people share information. If you need help clearing the clutter, contact Oneupweb and learn about our services. We’re digital marketers and we’re relentless. It doesn’t get much sweeter or shorter than that.

What kind of impact do you suspect having?

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