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A $33.5 billion per year industry and an American favorite—pizza! Pizza is often the go to option when time is short, or in my family’s case, when I don’t feel like being the chef for the evening. I have a few favorite pizzeria locations that I’ll rotate through depending on my mood or location. There is one well known chain that was never included in my favorite pizza places, purely because of its inconvenient location, but now I make a point to drive the distance for its deliciousness. So what could possibly make me decide to travel out of my way after all of these years?

No it wasn’t a coupon or some fabulous deal I had heard about. It was just the opposite, really. I actually came across a YouTube video that clearly shows Domino’s admitting their faults and fixing the poor quality of their pizzas.

Any business willing to make a public statement about how their product is less than the best and spends $75 million on advertising is brave and deserves a chance. Their clever video successfully lured me in for business. Although my business with Domino’s was nonexistent, I was curious to see what their revamped recipes were like. I had to taste it for myself… I just couldn’t help it, I love pizza! Was this pie really any different than all of the rest? Was the advertisement accurate when it described the flavors?

I placed my order and made the trek across town; giving up my loyalty and convenience for something new. Gaining back the trust of consumers is a challenge. I hadn’t had Domino’s in years, but their marketing strategy had me excited to try their new and improved product. Yes the taste and quality was much better, but it still had me wondering how many of their past consumers were going to become regulars again. In a weak economy I doubt taste alone can carry Domino’s business back to what it once was.

Hopefully next on their to do list is to contact a digital marketing team like Oneupweb, because business growth takes more than just honesty. Meeting or exceeding last year’s sales that were up almost ten percent, will prove how well their campaign succeeds long term. Never the less Domino’s strategy was truly a gutsy move that seems to be successful.

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