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We’ve been hearing rumors over the past couple of months that the next generation iPhone will be released. And we’ve been anxious to have the gadget in our hands this summer. Okay, you can exhale now. Apple has arranged for the updated iPhone news to be released today during their WWDC Conference. No, WWDC isn’t the abbreviation for Who Will Divide and Conquer (Apple or Microsoft); it stands for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Beginning today, June 7, and for the next five days, developers will gather in San Francisco to learn more about Mac and iPhone development. They will also be given the opportunity to meet and network face-to-face with Apple’s own developers. And who else would you expect to be the keynote speaker at the conference? You guessed it,  Steve Jobs will be announcing some big news—let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint us.

The iPhone, now three years old, has higher expectations and its competition has become fierce. Google’s Android is a major competitor that has raised the brows and attention of Apple. Despite the fact that the Android has gained popularity and offers features that the iPhone does not, Mr. Jobs isn’t the least bit worried that it will surpass the iPhone.

For me, although I’m not a developer and have no plans to attend this conference, I’ve been anticipating this day. Perhaps I’ve been preoccupied with thoughts of the name Apple has attached to their new upgraded phone. If I could throw my hat in the ring, my submission would be… iLift. Why? An eyelift is a cosmetic procedure which gives one a more appealing, younger look and feel. Isn’t that exactly what’s happening to the iPhone? Prior to surgery and over the past year, the iPhone had been feeling sluggish, dull and the pressure to accessorize. The iPhone just knew it was time to add some “blitz” and “bling” to its appearance. With an improved display, metallic buttons and a camera flash, the new iPhone will be stunning! The reinvented iPhone will be introduced today with enhancements that are predicted to blow our socks off (or rather our sandals…seeing how it’s summer).

Even Mascone West, the building where the conference is being held, has prepared for the big event with a facelift of their own! The WWDC Conference is only one way that Apple will introduce their new iPhone model; one could say it’s their “coming out” party. Now that the event is open to the public, does anyone want to attend with me? For a mere $1,599 you can be front and center and…be the first one in your neighborhood to own the iLift.

Geez, I hope Steve sees this post and decides to change the name!

P.S. Steve, if you are reading…remember, great minds think alike!

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