Oneupweb : Insanity—Not a Plausible Marketing Defense

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Our CEO threw out a quote during yesterday’s meeting that I’m quite fond of. It is assumed to be Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity and is as follows:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

While his definition is not universally applicable, it’s more apparent than ever when it comes to business and marketing. For example, I shared a conversation with an individual the other day who cited the reason they had not invested in new marketing channels was because revenue had been flat for the past 8 months. In other words, it sounded like they were approaching insanity.

There’s no question that a poor 1st quarter or a flat 2010 is going to change not only the business outlook, but also your mindset. What I mean is that you’ll be looking more at the cost to change direction and try new channels, rather than how much you’re losing to the competition and inefficiencies by not making a change. It shouldn’t be “I can’t afford it”, but rather “I can’t afford not to.” Sure you can decide to minimize costs and continue operating for another year, but you’ll be sacrificing future profits.

Consider the stock market. Veteran/Savvy investors know not to panic and sell when the market begins to plunge. They do the opposite and get more aggressive—buying up more stock.

Take this same mentality when it comes to operating your business and when it comes to growth obstacles. Ask any successful entrepreneur out there how many obstacles they had to overcome or how many times they failed before they got it right. You also might find that one reason they’ve become successful is because they strove to surround themselves with experts in each of their areas of interest.

You can minimize the cost to change direction or take 30% growth to 70% by finding the right partner(s). We’re not just marketers. We’re consultants and advisors. We’ll show you why you can’t afford not to be engaged in search and social, and where the investment turns into profit. Present us with your brick walls and we’ll deliver the blueprints and tools to blow through it.

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