Oneupweb : Inspiring Ads Make You Think


What better way to show how well a product works than to illustrate it in a really big way! That little guy sure is getting that pore clean…

Money talks…

I wonder how they picked the pizza delivery guy? Brilliant—though it makes me wonder what kind of adhesive they used, because I would be upset if it ripped paint or left sticky stuff on my door.

This ad is interesting, although it falls a bit short because your not sure of what it’s for, or what the intended message is. Conversely, that same lack of information certainly keeps you thinking about it in an attempt to draw your own conclusions!

What a B.A. (that’s acronym for bad a*s, in case you were wondering…) way to showcase a movie!

Honestly, this ad reminded me to get flea stuff for my dog, so i figure it works!