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I’m a relative newcomer to this crazy world of SEO. Reading the vast sea of blogs and forums related to the industry was never part of my daily routine until recently. I’ve only just become immersed in this ever-changing field as I recently accepted a position at Oneupweb. And during hours and hours of reading and learning, I’ve noticed that some in the SEO industry seem a bit resistant to embrace change.

Recently Google rolled out some changes to their algorithm and user interface and results started changing quicker than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe (topical!). Maybe I’m just not set in my ways enough yet, but this doesn’t seem like something to panic over. After all, to me part of the attraction of SEO is the constantly evolving nature of search and the web. There’s no lack of challenge in this business, that’s for sure.

With algorithm changes and increasing personalization, it’s been hard to accurately rank positions. I see lots of forum talk and blog posts claiming that Google must be “broken” because a site which was once ranked quite high on the SERPs isn’t in those top results anymore (which causes confusion). Is your site dropping a sign that Google is “broken”, or a sign that you have work to do?

Google never breaks for those who know how to use it Before coming to Oneupweb, I worked at a company that did a lot of business with the automotive industry. And over the past few years this industry has been hurting. Looking around at my past company and others in the field, there were two attitudes—people that spent their time complaining about the situation, and people who tried to figure out how to win in the new environment. Which ones do you think survived, and even thrived?

As search engines make it harder to report on universal positions, SERPs expand to include more and more information. This causes change in the way people interact with their search, which creates change for the SEO industry. You can fret that Google is “broken”, because it isn’t working the way you expected, or you can learn the new rules.

Fortunately, I’m working with a team that’s committed to success. Sure, it can be tough to keep pace with a landscape that’s always in flux, but we seek challenges and that’s why companies work with us. It’s our job to stay current and we have a strong relentless approach. It’s just like my personal hero Rocky Balboa once mumbled, “It’s not about how hard you get hit—it’s how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.”

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