Oneupweb Reviews: Becoming a Retweetist

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Retweetist may help your next Twitter post gain some traction.

This Twitter trend tool tracks retweets. Tagging interesting Tweets with “retweet@username,” “RT@username” or “via@username” before or after sharing them not only means you’re a Retweetist, but helps this tool collect data about top retweets.

Here’s an example of retweets for a popular URL. Notice that most people use the “RT@username.”

Users can follow Retweetist to have updates on “Hot Retweets,” “Most Retweeted URLs” and “Most Retweeted Users.”

Is it really useful, though? Shaq’s marketing team must think so.

With Retweetist Shaq can gauge interest from Twitterati about which day’s Tweets were most popular. For a business this could mean also seeing which promotional or general Tweets received the most buzz. Seeing what posts were more often retweeted gives businesses a chance to improve what they post, thus the traction I was talking about earlier.

Posting interesting thoughts, comments and links is what makes for a “retweetable” message. For marketers, business owners, and anyone else managing a business Twitter account, this trend tool could help you tweak your Tweets.

It’s also a way to see who is spreading your company’s tweets, and which people are having messages about your company retweeted. For example, you might find a blogger who has posted a link about your product or service. If it’s favorable, you can retweet it. If it’s not, then you know what’s being said and you can decide what to do from there.

This trend tool isn’t an end-all-be-all for understanding what’s being shared on Twitter about your company. It can, however, shine some light on what the Twitterati find interesting. And if you pay attention, you might just increase your company’s Twitter following.

Oneupweb Official Review: Oneup Thumbs-Up.

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